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Lobo - Lobo Maquette

"Oh man, I knew I wuz gonna have fun tday! Just fraggin knew it!" Sideshow presents the Main Man himself, the fraggin Lobo Maquette. The Lobo Maquette measures 20" tall and 23" wide as this intergalactic bounty hunter blows some minds and stomps some skulls like only the baddest bastich can. Standing on the guts and gibs of some unfortunate aliens, Lobo plays a killer riff on a three-barreled guitar gun. This insanely detailed and deadly musical weapon is packed with Easter eggs, including a frag count and a couple of space dolphins hidden on the back- because you know how the Bo loves those fishies. The Lobo Maquette features a mixed media costume, combining sculpted elements with detailed fabric applications. Lobo has a sculpted undershirt, gloves, and skull-topped boots along with custom-tailored fabric pants and a faux-leather vest with his iconic Bite Me Fan Boy patch slapped on the back. His cigar-chomping portrait is sculpted to capture his absolute insanity, from the expressive red eyes to the wild, wild hairdo. This polyresin maquette also features several metal chain elements, holding his signature necklace and giant hanging hook, completing Lobos ruthless bounty-hunting style. The last Czarnian is ready to rock your world- Bring home the bounty and add the Lobo Maquette to your DC Comics collectibles today!

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