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    Lily Allen No Shame CD       'No Shame' is Lily Allen's most personal, insightful and fully-formed record to date, and includes lead song "Trigger Bang" featuring Giggs, "a return to the melancholic pop that made her so intriguing" (The Guardian), as well as new songs "Three" and "Higher." A departure from the bold, brash lyricism and sun-soaked melodies Lily is known for, "Three" flips perspective in a way only Lily can, while the hazy, stripped back "Higher" finds Lily at her most vulnerable, as simple as it is fragile. Both tracks offer a confessional insight and a glimpse of what's to come on 'No Shame.' Working with collaborators Fryars, Mark Ronson, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, Burna Boy, P2J and Cass Lowe to create 'No Shame,' Lily says her goal was to make an album that is "as truthful as possible." Speaking about the sense of catharsis that came with making the album, she says, "I believe that we as humans work through things by talking about them, and that's what making music is, for me. It's sharing things that you hope are going to connect with people, not that are going to connect with algorithms. I think we are so led by outside forces in terms of the way we express ourselves nowadays, because we're so scared of what comes back. It's something I've always wanted to explore. It's why I went into it at the beginning, when it felt a lot more free."   Review of Lily Allen - No Shame by Thomas Bleach So its official, Lily Allen is back but dont expect the same sassy and sexual innuendo driven diva youve become acquainted with. This time the British songstress delivers her most honest and raw material yet on her fourth studio album. No Shame is a little rough around the edges but the DIY inspired record hears her stripping it down and giving you smooth harmonies and honest lyrics. The indie pop meets RNB production is very minimalistic and focuses on the storytelling to give you the main highlights instead of relying on big beat drops or gimmicky choruses to deliver those moments. Dont expect any dance breakdowns or radio friendly tracks because this album is not about that and thats okay. Album opener Come On Then. introduces this new melodic sound by confronting the media speculation that she isn't a good mother or wife. Its brutally honest and she manages to work in a catchy chilled out hook while unleashing her inner thoughts. It sets the tone for the record and hears tracks like Lost my Mind, Everything To Feel Something and Higher following in its footsteps. What You Waiting For? incorporates a funky reggae beat that hears old Lily Allen making a slight comeback with her pure fire vocal delivery making it one of the strongest tracks on the record. Your Choice, Waste and lead single Trigger Bang offers a grittier, beat heavy production with a rhythmic influence. There are a lot of stripped back moments on this collection that hear either just a simple guitar or piano accompany her dreamy vocals. Family Man and Apples are eye opening and brutally honest while Three is pleasantly weird and unique. This record is made to be listened to a couple times because it is so different and unique. Its moody and showcases so many different feelings and vibes that it would be unusual for you to love it in a first sitting. So dont be afraid to listen to it a couple times if youre not completely sold on it straight away. Just dont expect any big old indie-pop moments like Smile, LDN, Not Fair and The Fear because you wont find them on this record. See more from Thomas on his website

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