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Image of Okami - Amaterasu Life-Size Bust

Okami - Amaterasu Life-Size Bust

"Amaterasu, now is the time. We have never needed your power more. Shine your divine light upon this broken and polluted world. Let your heavenly rays become our hope as you guide us all!" - Sakuya Amaterasu is the Sun Goddess to all of Nippon. The villagers of Kamiki Village knew her as Shiranui in her past life. Amaterasu is known for being unafraid to show her opinion but always aiding those who are in need. She also has a traveling companion who accompanies her along the way, Issun. Issun is a traveling artist who, at first, only tagged along to learn the 13 Celestial Brush techniques but then developed a deep friendship with Amaterasu. Amaterasu's form is that of a white wolf adorned with crimson markings across her body. Since she is one of the legendary gods of the elements, Amaterasu possesses two sacred artifacts, the Celestial Brush and a Divine Instrument. She utilizes the Celestial Brush through her tail whish is shaped like a calligraphy brush . The Celestial Brush is used to manipulate the Earth's natural elements. Amaterasu also has a Divine Instrument (being the Solar Reflector) floating above her back. The Solar Reflector) floating above her back. The Solar Reflector is used to fight against and vanquish evil. After a long absence, Amaterasu descended from the celestial plane as a reincarnation of Shiranui. She must now protect Nippon from the demon Orochi and his army of dark Spirits who threaten the world once more. First 4 Figures is proud to present Okami Amaterasu Life Size Bust. She stands at 26.5 inches tall from the top of Issun's glowing orb to the base making for a simply stunning display centerpiece for any Okami fan. Comes in deluxe full-color packaging, hand numbered base and an authenticity card that allows you to purchase the same product number for future pieces in the Okami series.  This is the second statue in First 4 Figures Okami line. If you already have authenticated any previous statues in the line (Amaterasu) then you will be entitled to receive the same number for Okami Amaterasu Life Size Bust! Product Size: Height - 26.5 inches (67cm) Width - 16 inches (41cm) Depth - 23 inches (59cm)

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