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Race To Win/ARCHIE/Buck/Hope

A.R.C.H.I.E. Isabel  has  just  moved  to  a  small  town  to  live   with  her  uncle  Paul,  the  towns  Mayor.    ARCHIE,   is  a  robotic  canine  created  by  world-renowned   roboticist  Brooke  Benton.  He  can  talk,  he  can  run  at   blinding  speed,  hes  got  super  strength  and  x-ray  vision.   On  the  news  of  her  research  program  being  shut  down  by   the  military,  Brooke  helps  ARCHIE  escape  in  the  hopes  of   finding  a  family  to  care  for  him.  As  Isabel  and  Archies  paths   connect,  they  find  a  bond  and  become  fast  friends. RACE  TO  WIN After  suddenly  losing  her  father,  Hannahs  only  option  is  to   compete  in  a  barrel  race  and  use  the  prize  money  to  pay  off  her   families  debt.  If  she  can  manage  her  self-doubt  and  overcome  her   fears  of  the  past,  she  can  save  her  family  &  their  ranch.   A  HORSE  CALLED  HOPE A  feel-good  film  about  hope  and  second  chances!  The  story  is  about  a   strong-willed  girl  who  is  sent  to  stay  with  her  grandmother  on  her  horse   ranch  for  Christmas.  She  begins  to  care  for  her  Grandmothers  pony  and   becomes  determined  to  help  save  the  ranch  from  foreclosure. BUCK Buck  is  the  story  of  Ryann,  a  9-year  old  girl  visiting  her  grand- father  in  Montana.  When  a  wild  wolf/dog  hybrid  shows   up  injured  on  the  back  porch  one  night,  Ryann  wants   to  take  him  back  to  Boston  as  a  pet,  but  her  grand- father  knows  the  animal  will  eventually  have  to   return  to  the  wild.  To  help  his  grand-daughter   understand,  he  begins  to  read  her  Jack  Londons   Call  of  the  Wild  each  night  

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