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Songs That Won The War - WW1

    Various Songs That Won The War - WW1 CD      The ill-fated Gallipoli landings took place over 100 years ago and to commemorate the gallantry of the ANZAC troops who fought and died in that conflict and the other battles of the First World War, we have assembled this essential collection of music.  From the Dardenelles in Turkey to the Western Front in France, music was very important for the morale of the troops in Europe and it is a testament to their popularity that most of these songs are instantly recognisable a century later. This collection features songs sung by the soldiers of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, and by British and American armed forces as well. Some songs date back even further than the Great War; When Johnny Comes Marching Home was first sung in the American Civil War and Soldiers Of The King was a Boer War patriotic song. Many others were resurrected for the Second World War and have survived to this day as reminders of the patriotism and indomitable spirit of those who lived through that conflict. Much of the music you will find here was recorded during WW1 or shortly after, but we have included some later versions of these popular songs, to ensure you can enjoy the best quality, authentic recordings. We hope you enjoy this collection of memorable songs as a tribute to our brave fighting forces.

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