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Step Dogs/Roborex/Best Friend/Bandit Hound

ROBOREX When  a  robot  dog  from  the  future  pops  up   in  their  backyard  on  a  mission  to  help  them,   11-year-old  James  and  his  beloved  golden  retriever,   Rex,  learn  that  it  is  up  to  them  to  save  the  world   from  Dr.  Apocalypse,  an  evil  scientist,  and  his  wily   robotic  Destructo-Cat. STEP  DOGS Rick  and  Sabrina  go  on  their  honeymoon  for  a  couple  of   days,  leaving  Lacey  and  Josh  in  the  care  of  Krystal,  a  hippie- trippy  New  Age  neighbour.  When  Lacey  sees  some  people   outside  the  house  one  night,  she  starts  to  think  someone  is   watching  the  house. THE  BANDIT  HOUND A  lovable  dog  named  Bandit  is  trained  to  pull  off  bank  robberies,  but   after  a  heist  gone  wrong  hes  rescued  by  a  down  on  her  luck  single   mom  and  her  son.  When  he  starts  stealing  cash  to  help  his  adopted   family,  Bandit  unwittingly  sets  them  on  a  collision  course  with  his   dangerous  ex-partners. MY  BEST  FRIEND Every  teenage  girl  wants  a  horse,  a  BFF  and  to  be  popular  at  school.   Kristen  has  it  all  -  the  luckiest  13-year-old  in  the  world.  Kristen   is  then  forced  to  move  away  and  leave  her  BFF  Ashley   and  other  friends.  Now  Kristen  has  to  adjust  to  a   new  life  at  Grandma  Pearls  country  ranch,  to  new   friends  and  a  totally  different  style  of  fashion.  At   the  ranch  she  meets  her  new  BFF  -  a  talking  horse   named  Stanford  

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