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You Cant Run From The Rhythm

    Perfecto You Can't Run From The Rhythm Vinyl      Lose yourself to the power of Perfecto, attacking the mic like the funky spawn of Snap, C&C Music Factory, and Technotronic. The path to self-discovery lies on the dance floor. Setting it off are your partystarters, Kenny Dennis (The KDz) and Ders. Chromatic funk comes courtesy of producer, DJ Rafal. This is the hiphouse crew that took the midwestern mall circuit by storm. You learned about their rise on the Kenny Dennis III LP; now you can hear them shining like a Mercedes. If none of this makes any sense, let's take a step back. Perfecto is a chapter in the life of Kenny Dennis, the absurd and oddly poignant fictional alterego, blue collar hero of modernity, rib tips connoisseur, mustached rapper, and softball titan. It all fits into the bleak funhouse saga of Serengeti. Sometimes, the critically revered Chicagoan collaborates with Yoni Wolf (WHY?) or Sufjan Stevens. Sometimes, he works with Open Mike Eagle or Odd Nosdam. Over the final chapters of the Kenny Dennis chronicles, his copilot is Anders Holm ("Ders") of Workaholics.

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