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    Rian Treanor Ataxia CD      Rian Treanor will release his anticipated debut album ATAXIA on Planet Mu this March. The striking full-length follows singles for The Death Of Rave and Warps Arcola imprint as well as DJ support from the likes of Bjork, Beatrice Dillon, Errorsmith and Mumdance. The title ATAXIA means 'the loss of full control of bodily movements' and relates to the album which is intended to make peoples bodies move in unpredictable ways. He explains that components of the tracks were made by generating a series of irregular events and structuring them, or by destabilising a pattern that is constant. The roots of Rian's playful sound are directly linked to his love of the music he grew up with. Coming from Sheffield, you can hear elements of industrial, synth-pop, bleep, extreme computer music and speed garage at play. Treanor is developing on different levels and in different forms all at the same time and ATAXIA reflects that.

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