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    The Carters Everything Is Love CD      THE CARTERS release their album EVERYTHING IS LOVE. The new album from Beyoncé and JAY-Z. Review of The Carters - Everything Is Love by Thomas Bleach EVERYTHING IS LOVE is an impressive collection of emotionally reflective and therapeutic songs that close the chapter on Beyonce and Jay-Zs very open marriage issues and paints a positive outlook with a bit of humour and a whole lot of fun. This album is a hip-hop meets pop record that hears them combining their two signature sounds together and gives you some very cool and candid moments. It is a very eclectic record that opens with the Beyonce lead slow RNB jam SUMMER that is reminiscent of the material her last two records introduced. It eases into the bouncy material that the majority of this record is dominated by. Apeshit is an instant highlight with its quotable lyrics and skrt skrt" moments. And do I need to even mention that Beyonce raps on this track?! Yep, she can actually do anything and will instantly become your favourite new rapper. Nice continues the bouncy hip-hop sound with one of my personal favourites because of its catchy hook and hilariously honest lyrics. But 713, FRIENDS, BLACKEFFECT and LOVEHAPPY offer a more traditionally inclined hip-hop delivery that address their marital ups and downs, fake friends and cultural appreciation. But this album also has a really funky production with Boss introducing some horns and a real groove that later on makes the slick Heard About Us works so well. All in all, this is a very eclectic record that hears them experimenting and delivering what they do best and this is hip-hop and pop fusions. See more from Thomas on his website

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