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    C Average III Vinyl      C Average emerged onto the Olympia independent rock scene in 1996, pummeling the senses of onlookers. For over two decades, their sonic onslaught of medieval riffs and crazed pounding drums has commanded the stage and stereo. Among the universe's great mysteries is how a mere two-piece could generate such a powerful, magical noise. Many have also wondered what C Average could create, if they combined forces with other powerful wizards. Triumphantly, we wonder no more, with the addition of Olivia Love (lead vocals) and John Boyce (bass). Creating a larger canvas and a more magnificently and elaborately illustrated soundscape, C Average embark on a voyage through the stars and beyond. Passage requires only a willingness to unlock your imagination. To simply call "III" a "Space Rock Opera" would be a disservice. With methodical and refined songwriting, C Average compose a dynamic body of music that leaves the listener discovering something new with each spin. Like a secret scroll, hidden messages are decoded and deciphered

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