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    State Champs Living Proof - Bone Coloured Vinyl      Over the past decade, Albany, New Yorks State Champs have become a major player in the world of pop-punk, helping define the shape of the genre for a new generation of fans. And on June 15, Living Proof will push pop-punk forward.  The bands third album, Living Proof, will be released June 15, and its the most ambitious and cohesive work in the bands catalog. It was like, lets take as many swings at it, try as many new things and experiment, until we get to the point where we could start searching through it all and then find the album, says DiScanio of the writing process. State Champs collaborated with some of pop-punks heaviest hitters, as the band co-wrote songs with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182.  There are songs on this album about everything, he said, Theres break-ups, and flings, love, loss, all of that. Ive seen a little bit of everything through this writing process. Living Proof is a record about coming out the other side those experiences, both triumphant and humbled. That growth as palpable, as State Champs made a record thats like nothing theyve done before, but is still an an album that only they could ever make.

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