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    Jess Ribeiro Love Hate CD      Jess Ribeiro is a shape-shifting musical enigma. Shes never been prolific (each of her albums have been separated by 3-4 years) but the near-untouchable quality of her recorded output is astonishingly consistent and the wait for new music is always worthwhile. Ribeiro's 2012 debut album My Little River was an award-winning folk-country masterpiece while her second album (2015s Kill It Yourself) was a slow-burning indie-noire masterpiece, which left reviewers scrambling for superlatives. Now, with new album LOVE HATE, Ribeiro has kissed the swampy humidity of the Australian Music Prize-nominated Kill It Yourself goodbye, and embraced the precise down-strokes and valve-amp hum of a very New York lineage, from the Velvets through to Blondie and Talking Heads. Produced by Ben Edwards (Aldous Harding/Marlon Williams), it traverses the seven stages of love - capped by those lethally cool vocals for which Ribeiro is revered.

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