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    Ocean Party Oddfellows Hall CD      The Oddfellows Hall is the eighth full-length release from Australias The Ocean Party. As a six-headed song writing partnership, the members of The Ocean Party have been together more than a decade, honing their craft and exploring their musical and personal worlds. The Oddfellows Hall is the work of six life-long friends who enjoy the connection and comfort of being able to dissect their life experiences together through their music. As is typical of the band, The Ocean Party opted to record the music in a concentrated space of time and for their location chose a community hall they had spied while touring. The Oddfellows Hall in the rural New South Wales town of Yass lent a familiar homeliness to a band whose ties wind back to high-school in rural Australia. Set up in the open space of the 1880s wooden-floored community hall the band introduced each other to their material for the first time and came away a week later with The Oddfellows Hall.

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