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Thunderbirds - John Tracy 12" 1:6 Scale Action Figure

John Tracy 1:6 Scale Collector Figure Born on 8 October 2040, twenty-five-year-old John Tracy was educated at Harvard and followed in his father's footsteps to become an astronaut prior to his involvement with International Rescue. Named after astronaut John Glenn, he is an electronics expert with a degree in laser communication.  John is the quietest and most intellectual of the Tracy brothers, slighter in build than his siblings and tremendously lithe and graceful. As space monitor for International Rescue stationed aboard Thunderbird 5, John has ample time on his hands to indulge his favourite pastime, astronomy. Four astronomy and outer space textbooks have been published bearing his name, and his incessant space searching led to the discovery of the Tracy quasar system. His duties aboard Thunderbird 5 nonetheless leave him feeling frustrated that he is unable to take part in as many rescue missions as his siblings. BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the John Tracy Character Replica Figure. Featuring the most faithfully re-produced character likeness, an authentically styled costume and accessories, plus a special illuminating International Rescue display base. Produced in a worldwide numbered limited edition, fans of this classic series can relive the heroic adventures of International Rescue's finest. Specification o Fully Realised Likeness of John Tracy with Optix Action Eyes o Anatomix Male Body with over 30 Points of Articulation Authentically Styled and Tailored Costume Including: o 1 x International Rescue Jersey o 1 x International Rescue Trousers o 1 x International Rescue Sash, Belt and Holster o 1 x Pair of International Rescue Boots with Realistic Faux Leather o 1 x International Rescue Cap o 1 x Pair of Hands with Poseable and Bendable Fingers Accessories o 1 x International Rescue Pistol o 1 x Stun Gas Ammunition Cannister o 1 x Needle Darts Ammunition Cannister o Special International Rescue Display Base with Illuminating Feature

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