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Wunderbar - Purple & White Coloured Vinyl

    Living End Wunderbar Vinyl      Recorded over a six week period in Berlin during an inspired recording session with producer Tobias Kuhn, The Living Ends eighth studio album Wunderbar will see a worldwide release through BMG. Wunderbar came together faster than any other The Living End album before and is one of the most raw, conscious, and politically vital records of their career. Sound wise - Wunderbar isnt a foray into electronic music or soft rock crooning. Its what The Living End are known for. Its what theyre good at. Its what they love. Frontman Chris Cheney explains further.. Were not trying to re-write Dark Side of the Moon or anything. Instead, Wunderbar does what The Living End do best, whats kept hundreds of thousands of fans listening for nearly a quarter of a century: straightforward, heart-pounding, guns blazing rock and roll. I cannot wait to hit the road and get loud!

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