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Image of 2 RD Book Set

2 RD Book Set

Great value this book set of two comes from Reader’s Digest’s select editions. Which brings you the best selections of stories from today’s top authors for less. They will be the perfect companion for Summer.

One Set includes:


Image of Book: HandBag

Book: HandBag

It’s a well known fact that a woman can never have enough bags or shoes! The TOOTS™ Gift Book is a unique gift for the fashion lover who has everything. Cleverly designed in the shape of a bag or shoe, it will give any fashion lover’s coffee table...

Image of Draw By the End of This Book Ink

Draw By the End of This Book Ink

Discover the endless possibilities of ink, whether you are using a nib pen, brush, biro or marker. This interactive book teaches you how to draw in ink line, work with ink wash and understand colour and tone. There is also space to practise on each page...

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