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Aluminum Fish Shaped Trivet

A well-made trivet is an essential item for any kitchen. This piece is perfect for serving hot dishes while protecting your hands and table. Of course, trivets aren't usually considered the most fun of kitchen items. Until now, of course. This aluminum fish trivet was design to make your smile! Who could resist breaking into a grin when looking at the adorable aquatic figure? The pointed tail and watchful eye make the piece that much more charming. Made from aluminum, this trivet gleams in the light for an eye-catching look. It's sure to stay shiny for years to come. Notice the care that went into designing each spine of the fish. This construction allows the trivet to support dishes with ease and balance. You can place a piping hot spoon or steaming bowl of soup on top without any worries. Once you get this piece, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Price: $19.95 from April Oak Ltd

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