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Animal and Silver Decor Fusion

This octopus inspired decor bowl oozes a sense of funky uniqueness, one that can be easily added to your decor and would suit a home that takes pride in the addition of little added extras: these being the things that really tie an interior theme together. This bowl is crafted out of the ever durable and stunning aluminium and is coloured in dark and polished silver. The actual bowl piece is perfectly rounded and deep, allowing for it to be used for a myriad of uses in your kitchen. The uniqueness of this piece is shown through its base, which is in fact shaped brilliantly like an octopus. The animal's head holds the bowl in place, and from there its silver legs stretch out, some landing on the surface whilst others sit comfortably under the bowl or in the air. This visual is nothing short of spectacular and this decor piece will dazzle any of your surfaces or your dining room table. Add a dash of random fabulousness to your home with this octopus bowl.

Price: $140.00 from April Oak Ltd

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