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Intensely alluring, fanned chain lamp

Get a cool, urban vibe into your lighting with this fanned chain lamp. Made of interlinked chains, in an intensely alluring black, the design fans out in a cone shape, allowing light to spread across a large area. Speckles of light melt through the links for a low key, soothing ambience. Sturdy iron attaches to the chain links at the top, with the wire flowing up to attach to the ceiling. The lamp can be hung down low for a more intimate glow, or kept a little higher for a brighter feel. Place it in the kitchen amongst chunky wooden cabinets and quirky vibrant serveware. Hang them throughout the living space, teamed with other items with industrial flair. Distressed woods, cool funky metals and vintage sofas will give you that sought after urban chic. Design your home with your own personal style, to create that comfortable oasis.

Price: $194.95 from April Oak Ltd

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