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Iron and wood desk lamp, black spark

Made with a polished black iron light cover, creamy wood has been carved to make the adjustable arms. The wood has been smoothed but the edges are sharp, for an edgy look. Pins hold together the centre and the neck, to give it movability. The base is wide to keep it grounded. The black against the wood is a classic look, with a smart feel. It would be perfect in an office environment, perched on your desk shining light over the latest project. Teamed with a soft, black leather chair, you will be able to work hard and be comfortable. It could also be great in the living area, sitting on a side table. Turn it on to brighten the room up, while watching an exciting movie. Wherever you place it, the striking look will vamp up any space and inject personality. Match it with other black tones and rustic woods.

Price: $190.00 from April Oak Ltd

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