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Light Brown Tall Ceramic Bottle Vase, Brown

Naturally inspired pieces are easy to place around your home. They can be left simple or jazzed up with other colourful items. This raw bottle shaped vase is made from ceramic and was beautifully sculpted, tall and elegant. Coloured in a creamy shade with mottled brown specs, it would sit nicely on a wooden counter or side table. Fill it with your favourite fresh flowers, giving a vibrant look. You could stay more neutral with pretty branches or vines. Place a few of these in a room to create a theme, vases are easy to move about and change up the style you have created. It's a timeless item that will stay with you for a long time; the natural tones will never get old. Beautifully crafted, this subtle piece will blend easily wherever you put it, making it a valuable addition to your home.

Price: $70.00 from April Oak Ltd

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