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Image of National Geographic: Nazi Megastructures 3 (2016) DVD

National Geographic: Nazi Megastructures 3 (2016) DVD

Uncover the hidden remains of Hitler’s most ambitious megastructures. 1-2 DVDs, 132-360 mins.

Complete Collection: Series 1-6 (11 DVDs, 27 hrs)

Series 1:

Atlantic War, U-Boat Base, V2 Rocket Bases, Super Tanks, Jet Caves, Fortress Berlin. 

Series 2:

Vengeance Missile, Siegfried Line, Wolf’s Lair, Himmler’s SS, Hitler’s Megaships, Kamikaze Suicide Bombers.

Series 3:

Lightning War Machine, Island Megafortress, Eagles Nest, Japanese Superfortress, Pacific Megaships, Killer Subs.

Series 4:

Death Trains, Italian Fortress, Luftwaffe, Propaganda Machine, Arctic Fortress.

Series 5:

Hitler’s Fighting Retreat, The Battle of Kursk, Blitzkrieg in the East.

Series 6:

Pearl Harbor, Japan's Warrior Code, D-Day, Japan's Island of Death, Hitler's Final Offensive, Fortress Japan.


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