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Pine jigsaw bowl

Natural pine pieces have been molded together in a jigsaw style, to create this stunning bowl. Larger and smaller pieces have been slotted side-by-side and smoothed off on the inside, with the natural grains showing on the outside. The unusual look is natural but unique, and you can be sure no-one else will have a bowl like it. Use it at the dinner table to serve up salads or veg. It will make a striking centrepiece, adding flair to the table decor. When not being used at mealtimes, you could fill it up with fruit or let it stand alone as a decorative piece. Pine is a beautiful wood that is durable and tough, so this bowl will stand the test of time. Be sure to get it out at family gatherings, so your loved ones can appreciate its natural charm.

Price: $370.00 from April Oak Ltd

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