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S/6 Lal 230ml Champagne Flute

Classic style reserved for those extra special occasions, this Set of 6 Champagne Flutes makes a tall and elegant addition to your stemware collection. The elongated bowl on the champagne flutes, along with the gentle inward curve at the top, is designed to keep all those delightful champagne bubbles from escaping too quickly. Tall flutes also help to regulate and lessen the oxygen-to-wine ratio, which improves the beverage's aroma and taste. These subtle but sophisticated flutes can also be used to hold sparkling wines and fruit beers, so you can enjoy the attractive glasses more often. For fizzy beers, the flutes serve the same purpose as pilsner glasses, but with the addition of stems. These 230 ml champagne flutes are dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up when the celebration is over.

Price: $20.00 from April Oak Ltd

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