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Striking Cement Bird Feeder

Attract all different kinds of beautiful birds with this stunning, glowing bird feeder. The artist behind this piece has chosen to create it out of ever-sturdy and strikingly stunning gorgeous cement and the entire bird feeder is smoothly circular in shape. There are also two birds cleverly crafted out of cement which sit on the side of the bird feeder, bound to draw the attention of your feathered friends. The inside of this round bird feeder has been designed in a step like fashion, gradually getting deeper from the rim to the base and the designer has chosen to colour this article in a vintage, off white wash. Hints of different shades of grey seep through the white wash giving off a rough, yet outdoor inspired finish. The combination of the cement and the highly fashionable white wash allows for a modern yet sophisticated ambience. Place this bird feeder anywhere in your lovely garden and watch how it attracts all kinds of beautiful birds to your garden.

Price: $39.95 from April Oak Ltd

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