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Wirework Rustic Iron Windmill Large

The Large Iron Wirework Windmill is a whimsical and minimalist to any aesthetic. You don't need an existing theme to enjoy this wirework windmill but it pairs well with the other wirework objects. It's an interesting piece that adds height to a collection or offers visual diversity among abstract objects. The wirework windmill can also be a statement piece on its own and liven up a space with hard angles and lines. Like a sketch come to life, the playful aspect of this piece will delight and bring life into any area. Measuring in at 29 cms (L) X 29 cms (W) X 68 cms (H), it's a large object that demands attention so be sure to place it in a spot that offers balance to a space, rather than prominently displaying it. If you want to guide attention to a seldom-used space, this windmill is sure to deliver.

Price: $110.00 from April Oak Ltd

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