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Zesty Orange Glass Decor Vase

Decorative vases are small, yet astoundingly effective, additions that can be made to any home. This particular piece will bring a dash of zesty pizazz to any surface or counter that needs a lift. Glass is the material which has been used and the artist has uniquely painted a thick stripe around the body and neck of this vase. The visual effect is amazing as it looks like a simple, rough and large brush technique has been applied. The colour which has been used is a fabulous orange with tones of blue showing through, allowing this piece to stand out. Much of the glass has been allowed to remain in its naturally reflective state and the combination of the strong orange, light blue and seamless glass is a magical one. This decor vase can be placed anywhere in your home and the strong colouring ensures that it will make a striking interior impact where ever you place it.

Price: $80.00 from April Oak Ltd

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