Australian Animal Archive

Australian Animal Archive.

Australian Mammals : Living and Extinct.

Australia's wildlife is unique, rich and diverse due to long geological isolation from other continents, which took place over the last 50 million years. Today over 770 species of birds, 283 species of mammals, approximately 750 species of reptiles, over 200 species of frogs and an estimated 225,000 species of invertebrates call Australia home.

Our AAA native wildlife gallery showcases profiles of the more unusual Australian mammal species, as well as those, that sadly, are now extinct. Information in the Australian mammal profiles include habitats, characteristics, behaviour, breeding cycles, feeding. Also included in the mammal profiles are images complete with highlighted geographical habitat location all of which we hope you will find useful for inclusion in your school projects.

Australian Mammals: Living.

Australian Mammals: Extinct.

Australian Animal Archive.

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