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Desert Rat-Kangaroo.

Caloprymnus campestris (kam-pes'-tris : "open-country beautiful-rump")

Status: Extinct.

Desert Rat-Kangaroo - Extinct

The Desert Rat-Kangaroo had a broad head and its tail and hind feet were longer than the combined length of its head and body.

The Desert Rat-Kangaroo hopped at speed in a most unusual manner. With the right leg touching the ground in front of the left, which was inclined outward at an angle of about 30 degrees to the line of travel. This unique movement enabled the Desert Rat-Kangaroo to hop fast and for long periods of time, it was reported that one was chased by men galloping on horseback for almost 20 kilometres.

The Desert Rat-Kangaroo fed at night, although its diet is unknown, and slept in a well constructed nest of grass and twigs during the day.

The last reported sighting was prior to 1935 and it is assumed the species is now extinct.

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