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Toolache Wallaby.

Macropus greyi (gray'-ee : "Grey's long-foot")

Status: Extinct

Australian Toolache Wallaby.

The common name of the Toolache Wallaby is pronounced toh-lay'-chee, and was named after G.Gray, explorer and governor of South Australia, who collected the first Macropus greyi specimens.

The Toolache Wallaby was abundant in the south-east region of South Australia at the time of European settlement. The Toolache Wallaby became extinct during the nineteenth century, more than likely, due to the clearing and removal of its natural habitat. A nocturnal mammal, the Toolache Wallaby fed at night on native grasses, slept in the cool and protective cover of dense vegetation during the day.

The Toolache Wallaby was a social animal - moving, sleeping and feeding in groups. Nothing is known about its reproductive biology.

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