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Ayurda all natural skin care products
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Ayurda is a Sanskrit name translating to 'bestower of longevity' that resonates perfectly with Ayurda's holistic approach to beauty. Incorporating the wisdom of the Ayurveda philosophy, Ayurda recognises that everyone is unique!

Ayurda's skin care range delivers amazing result thanks to our unique customised approach to skin care. Based on our understanding of your specific needs we can help you achieve healthy, glowing skin, naturally.

Ayurda is the first skin care brand to link beauty to wellbeing. Our customised approach ensures your skin care has a balancing effect on your face and skin (not just anyone's skin). It can change your life.

All natural skin care products.

Our pure skin and body care products are formulated with all natural and organic/wildcrafted ingredients to create "nutrition for the skin".

We believe that by eliminating the unnecessary by-products all that remains are the natural, essential ingredients that are healthy and wholesome for the skin. This is the best way to create an overall healthy complexion.

Each and every blend is hand-crafted in small batches to maintain integrity and freshness. All essential oils and raw materials are impeccably chosen to ensure the highest grade possible. No artificial colours, phthalates, Parabens, or synthetic fillers (like fragrance) are ever used, which means NO harsh ingredients that strip the skin.

Just pure ingredients to renew, refresh and refine the skin.
In keeping with Ayurvedic tradition all products are hand crafted and undergo a blessing ritual twice; first at the time of harvesting and second before they are shipped.

Ayurda products offer a fresh beginning, a way of incorporating a natural, holistic approach to your personal daily regime. It's a way forward that encourages a coexistence with nature and each other.

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Ayurda all natural skin care products!
Ayurda all natural skin care products!
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