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Best value computers and PC components
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Scorptec Computers supplying Australia with the best value range of computer and IT components. With reliable delivery across Australia.

Scorpion Technology Computers as a business was officially established in the early summer of 1998. We are a specialist in providing the very latest in technology products backed up with excellent after sales service. Our main customers were mainly in the small business, home and educational market. 

Doing mail-ordering business requires a lot of trust between the customers and the supplier. We understood our customer's need to have a dependable supplier who can provide not only good prices but also good backup support. We started this business by selling good quality parts for less money backed up with great warranty and support.

In November 1998 we started developing our online computer store which took about a month to complete, and finally in December 1998 our online business was alive.

Scorpion Technology was originally started in 1998 from a bedroom, it then expanded to the living room, then the basement, and even the garage was eventually used as storage space. The business grew and grew larger each year, the house was running out of space, we had to make a big decision which was to open a shop front. After months of searching for the perfect location, we finally found it. 

On the 17th April, 2001, we officially started running our first retail shop from 13 Royton Street, Burwood East, VIC 3151. Our business has grown into a much larger operation, our dedicated staff are growing by the number due to our continuous commitment in improving all aspects of our services for our customers. 

In just a little more than 2 years, from we grew from 1 staff member to 10 dedicated staff members, and were becoming one of the fastest growing online I.T. companies who are dedicated to provide the best service to our customers. After a year of development, on 8th July 2002 we finally launched our newly improved website which allowed customers to conveniently shop online.

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Best value computers and PC components.
Best value computers and PC components.
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