Blade 5 dartboard, the ultimate dart board from Winmau!
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Blade 5 dartboard, the ultimate dart board from Winmau

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Genuine blade 5 dartboard, staple free, bladed thin wires, high density sisal fibres. Blade 5 dartboard with 4th Generation Blade Technology that dramatically reduces bounce outs and provides the opportunity for maximum scoring potential.

The Blade 5's predecessor, the Blade 4 and Blade 3 dartboard. The Blade 3 and Blade 4 set the standard as the World's finest staple-free dart board and now, the Blade 5 has taken this to a completely new level.

The DSW (Dynamic Sector Wire) used in the Blade 5 is now over 50% thinner for best-in-class performance and optimum scoring possibilities. This unique wiring system is constructed from a hi-tech, ultra strong material that is designed to deflect the darts into the target area. The advanced molecular structure of the high tensile steel facilitates total accuracy right across the whole playing surface, whilst lasting even longer.

Blade 5 dart board is a result of over 60 years manufacturing expertise. The incredible durable sisal base is manufactured from millions of the finest East African super dense sisal fibers for long play as standard. A matte finished black restraining band edge and non-reflective high visibility sisal base compliments the sleek and stylish finish of the Blade 5 dart board. The Winmau name is synonymous with quality and precision giving you peace-of-mind satisfaction that your new Blade 5 dart board is manufactured to the highest possible standards by Winmau's skilled manufacturing technicians.

Winmau Blade 5 dart board features and accolades:

  • Pioneering new wiring system for best in-class performance.
  • Incorporates 50% thinner DSW for reduced bounce-outs and maximum scoring potential.
  • 100% staple free system.
  • Long-life, super dense, high visibility sisal base for the ultimate in durability.
  • Complies with WDF (World Darts Federation) specifications.
  • Exclusively endorsed by the BDO (British Darts Organisation).
  • World Champion Tested - Andy Fordham, Dennis Priestly, Ted Hankey, Mark Webber and Trina Gulliver.
  • World's most televised dart board - BBC Television, BBC Worldwide, Eurosport, SBS-6.
  • Dartboard of the WINMAU World Masters and Lakeside World Championships.

Blade 5 dart board mounting height:
1.73m from floor to the centre of the bullseye.

Blade 5 dart board throwing distance:
2.37m from the face of the dart board to the oche. (throwing line)

Blade 5 bristle dart board includes a dart board mounting bracket. Spare dart board mounting brackets are available, (ITEM: AA11A), if you need to mount your dart board in different locations. (EG Outside and inside.)

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