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Business, Shop and Coupon Listings:

Business, Shop and Coupon Listings:

Listing your online shop or real world brick and mortar shop, and listing your coupons is as easy as 1-2-3!

First create your account via the Register button located at the top right hand side of every screen.

Please note: You will need to confirm your registration and email address by replying to our confirmation email.

If you don't receive the confirmation email within 5 minutes the email could of found its way into your SPAM folder.

Also, please double check your email address when registering to ensure you enter your email address correctly.

Once registered you will have access to your VIP lounge where you will find an index of useful utilities and coupon tools.

You can purchase AAA Coupons coins in an number of different packages via Paypal or Stripe secure and trusted credit card processors.

You can also purchase coin credits with your rewards points.

Reward points can be earned by:

Registering for an account. (100 points.)

Every time you visit the AAA Web site to browse coupons. (5 points.)

Refer a friends from your VIP lounge. (25 points.)

Writing a shop review. (25 points.)

Click Tap or Swipe the rewards button in your VIP lounge to see the current rewards and redeem point values.

Listing Fees:

Coins can be pre-purchased in 10 dollar amounts.

You can pre-purchase coins starting at $1 per coin.

Coins become cheaper the larger quantity you purchase.

Creating an online store or brick and mortar shop listing requires 5 coins.

This is a once off shop set up fee for every shop setup.

You can have as many shop listings as you like.

Coupon listings fee is 1 coin per coupon, per 10 day period.

Examples of how coupons and coins work together:

If you list 1 coupon for 10 days the cost is 1 coin.

If you list 1 coupon for 30 days, the cost would be 3 coins.

If you list 3 coupons for 10 days each the cost would be 3 coins.

You can also add individual products for 1 coin per product.

Remember, there is no restriction of how many coupons you want to list.

If you need further assistance or have any question about registering, creating your online store or coupons please do not hesitate to contact us...

or you can register here.

(Remember to double check that you have entered your email address correctly in the registration form otherwise you will not receive the confirmation email! :)