Cooked Maine lobster delivery USA and Canada!
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Cooked Maine lobster delivery USA and Canada
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Get Fresh Maine Lobster Delivered to you. Buy Maine Lobster from the best. We offer only the BEST mail order lobster tails and Maine Lobster Delivery to your door. We Buy Lobster from Maine fishermen daily.

Get Live Maine Lobster Shipped to your home!

We deliver Maine lobster tails nation wide.

Enjoying the flavor of fresh cooked Maine lobster is one thing, but actually cooking the lobster itself is a job that some people would rather leave to the experts! If you want to savor the flavor of cooked lobster meat but want the convenience of having it prepared for you, you're in luck: Maine Lobster Now ships cooked Maine lobster meat directly to you when you buy from us online.

We operate according to strict standards of safety and cleanliness, and we buy fresh lobsters from Maine fishermen every day. Our staff does all the cooking and shelling for you, so you can just sit down and enjoy the taste of delicious cooked lobster meat with the tails, claws and knuckles together -- no mess, no fuss, no clean up.

Trust us with your cooked Maine lobster meat delivery, and you'll get a seafood treat that is fresh, never frozen. As an added bonus, shelled and cooked lobster meat is sold per pound and is cheaper to ship than live lobsters, so you get an even better value when you leave the cooking to us.

And we know our lobsters: Our lobster meat is supplied to Lobster Shack at Two Light and Portland Lobster Company, both of which are voted best lobster roll by the Portland Phoenix Year to Year!

Place your cooked Maine lobster meat order today, and get ready for a gourmet seafood meal in the comfort of your own home. We think you'll like it so much that you'll become one of the many loyal customers who order cooked lobster meat from Maine Lobster Now again and again!

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