21 yo single female seeks 21 to 30 yo male in Auckland for Friendship.


Single women 4U.


Bree_Zae is a single female seeking a 21 to 30 year old male in Auckland, the surrounding suburbs, or nearby towns for Friendship.

I'm stubborn, independent, judgmental and intelligent. I believe that self-analysis and improvement is a necessary part of life and I am always trying to become more loving, more accepting and more reflective of god's character. My success is probably easier for you to judge than for me. The most important things for me in life are (and therefore that i'm always trying to work towards): devotion to god, which for me comes in different ways depending on where we're at but always ends up with loving god being the main purpose of my life, respect and love for other human beings, discovering and enjoying the world as much as possible, living a life I can be proud of when i'm incredibly old and to stop using parentheses so much. I love new things, especially experiences. I want to travel the world, learn every language (I can only speak english, so it's unlikely), meet many people, learn science and maths and history and english and philosophy and religion and pretty much everything there is to know. I can be quite a go-getter once i've worked out what I want, so I expect that by the time my life ends (if it ends from old age) I will have experienced much of what I want from life. I'm articulate and intelligent, although I find my vocabulary sadly limited and my understanding of physics and calculus likewise. I find it difficult to be humble, but I work at it because humility is beautiful and makes me a much happier person. I have a rather limited sense of humour because I don't appreciate humour that hurts or offends people, which seems to be most humour. I'm an avid reader, up to and including instruction manuals and notices on walls. Not really into movies because they're long and i'm fidgety and have bad eyesight. I can do tv shows because I can sit through a half-hour episode. Music is also not a big part of my life although I enjoy singing and loooooooove to dance. I'm deep and long-winded and can argue about anything - but prefer to argue if I don't really care about the topic. I'm challenging, think hedonism is horrible and can't watch gory movies because I think that humans intentionally hurting other humans for pleasure is the most horrifying thing ever. I change my hairstyle at least once every few months, don't shave my legs or armpits because there's no actual reason that women should, value intelligent and abstract conversations and appreciate people who get stuff done. I relax by reading, either novels or self-improvement type things. I like personality tests and i'm an entj, enneagram type 8 and my temperament is choleric-melancholy. I'm impatient and dislike inefficiency. My strengths (strengthsfinder) are intellection, input, relator, learner and responsibility. I'm liberal, strange and counter-cultural. I dislike how much society cheapens sex by making it freely available and think sex should be between a married couple, but talked about more freely in the church to stop people feeling bad about how 'weird' they are. I don't like to be ogled and I avert my eyes if I think i'm ogling a guy because I want to respect him as a person, not treat him like an object (different if he has given me permission to ogle, of course). I think i'm fairly easy-going in my choice of friends - all I ask is sufficient intelligence to understand what i'm saying, the ability to have conversations and morals that encompass the idea that all humans are deserving of respect. I'm very demanding in my choice of romantic partners.

Message me if you want to have a chat and want to get to know me a little better.

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