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X0x777 is a single female seeking a 22 to 30 year old male in Northland, the surrounding suburbs, or nearby towns for Social Dating.

I always try to live in the now moment, in the constant unfolding of life. It seems like the present is called the present for a reason. It is a gift. The fact you are reading this at this moment, and we, two strangers are able to connect in this way, is both unbelievably strange and it is happening right now. If you have read this far I guess I have your attention! I like to think i'm an optimist, but also a realist. I'm a bit crazy, but can be down to earth, I am happy in my own company but also enjoy socialising with a few friends, with good conversation, food and wine. I love to read (mostly factual) and consume information. I am interested in a wide range of subjects and like to practice open mindedness like a sport. My world views are somewhat unconventional and i'm strongly in favour of random acts of kindness. I love to be in nature, to walk swim and play, in fact playfulness and light heartedness are very important to me, if something is serious and heavy, I will usually make a joke and bring levity to the situation. I am passionate about natural medicine and utilising the body's potential for health and happiness, I think deeply about what I put in/ on my body, favouring organic food and natural products. My musical tastes are also varied from world music african and south american, to drum and bass reggae, dub, trap, and british rap. If its got a big fat baseline i'm gonna be dancing to it!I belive in individuality and being true to yourself, give no mercy to your fears, follow your bliss and teach by example- no holding back. ,o)p. S. Sorry to have to message this, but if you are into internet porn, strip clubs or prostitutes - please do not contact me.

Message me if you want to have a chat and want to get to know me a little better.

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