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Travel Insurance made simple
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Fast and Simple travel insurance quotation! To give you an instance quote as fast as we can, we only ask you the questions we absolutely need to know. Your quote is displayed instantly on screen and you can then buy, edit or email your quote.

Buying travel insurance shouldn't be complicated, so we've made it Fast and Simple.

Fast and Simple travel insurance purchase!
Our quick online buying process is one of the simplest and fastest you'll find. Simply provide the information required and we'll issue your travel insurance policy within minutes, so you can get back to booking the rest of your trip.

No Medical Assessment!
It's simpler and faster to buy travel insurance without having to complete a lengthy medical assessment, which is why we automatically cover 44 Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.*

Simple to understand PDS! (Product Disclosure Statement.)
We've designed our PDS so it can be as simple to read as possible. We have a section called 'General Exclusions applicable to all sections' that applies to all sections. And then each policy benefit has a big and bold X WE WILL NOT PAY section so you can find what isn't covered under your policy.

24/7 Fast Help!
When you need us most, we're available 24/7 on our Emergency Help Line. It's simple, whenever and wherever you are in the world, if you need us, call us. We're here to help you!

Simple Online Claims!
Lodging a claim online can be simpler, faster and more convenient. This is why we allow you to lodge your claim online. You can also lodge a claim by post, email, phone or fax, whichever is simpler for you.

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Fast Cover travel Insurance made simple
Fast Cover travel Insurance made simple
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