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Assault Suit Leynos PS4 Game

Strap on your nostaglia shoes, we're going for a ride! Dracue Software have remade the 1990 Mega Drive game Assault Suit Leynos (released as Target Earth in the US), a horizontal-scrolling shooter and platforming classic, for the PlayStation 4. Besides updating the game for PS4 compatability Dracue has seriously improved the game' graphics, feel of the controls, and overall presentation. The latest Assault Suit Leynos trailer briefly outlines the game's backstory for those unfamiliar: It began when Earth’s outcasts returned in great warships from the darkest reaches of space.   They attacked the planet and all her galactic outposts with lightning fury. The Earth Defense League fought for Earth’s survival with warriors outfitted in gigantic cyborg battle armor.   The battle began on Ganymede… Assault Suit Leynos will also include Arcade Mode, Classic Mode (similar to the Mega Drive version), and Challenge Mode (featuring both the Arcade and Classic Mode stages). Assault Suit Leynos Features: New HD visuals and sound combine with old-school game design to bring the classic bang uptodate Eight stages of side-scrolling alien-blasting action to drive the alien menace back into space! Equip your AS with a huge range o fdevastating weapons, then unlock even more to use inthe next battle Use a huge number of game modifiers to mix things up or try Classic Mode and see if you’ve got what it takes to be an elite AS pilot!

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