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Star Realms Cosmic Gambit Expansion

The gambits in this set function differently than the original Gambits, including entering play hidden. Some actions / bonuses trigger when revealing the Gambit, most have an additional function when scrapping.Gambits are dealt face down to players at the beginning of the game. You can choose a number of Gambit cards each player will get, or you can give some players less Gambit cards as a handicap. The extra (unclaimed) Gambit cards are set aside in a face down pile. Secret Outpost is kept separate and not shuffled in with the Gambit Cards or the Trade Deck.Players keep Gambit cards face down in front of them until they choose to reveal them. Gambit cards never go to the trade deck, your hand or personal deck. They have silver borders to make it easier to keep them separate from your other cards.Players may reveal Gambits at the start of the or during their Main Phase. Age range: 12 and up / Number of players: 2 and up / Play time: 20 Manufacturer: White Wizard Games LLC 15 new cards, 1 Rules Card, 13 Gambits, 1 Base

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Image of Star Realms Gambit Expansion

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