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Ascension (4th Set) Immortal Heroes Expansion

Ascension: Immortal Heroes is both a supplement to Gary Games' full-sized expansion/stand-alone game Ascension: Storm of Souls as well as a stand-alone two-player game in its own right. As the second set in the series, Ascension: Immortal Heroes completes the Storm of Souls story arc, with players trying to wield the power of past heroes with new Soul Gem cards, representing the trapped souls of heroes from the past, to stop the rebel godling Kythis from fueling his mad ascent to godhood. As with other Ascension titles, Immortal Heroes is a deck-building game in which players acquire cards from a central pool to add to their decks for use later; at the same time, they also combat creatures and other things that show up in that shared space. Both cards acquired and creatures defeated earn a player points. A strategic and tactical deck building gameWield the power of the new soul gemsPlaying time: 30 minsAges 13 +1-2 players

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