2022 Space Misfits 101 new player guide.

Johnny Rocket [ ANZAP Guild]
Play to Earn Space Misfits NFT Player Profile:

Avatar: Johnny Rocket.

Self Imposed Rank: Surpreme Commander.

Guild: Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific Guild A.K.A. The ANZAP Guild.

Space Misfits NFT Live Streaming from Australia.

Follow the mis-adventures, unbelievable number of ship destructions and galactic asteroid collisions as Johnny Rocket stumbles, bumbles and disintegrates his way across the Space Misfits Metaverse.

Johnny Rocket, Surpreme Commander of the ANZAP guild.

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Johnny Rockets Twitch Channel.
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Space Misfits Player Guide.
How not to play Space Misfits tips, trips & traps.

Join the ANZAP Guild on Discord.
Join with Johnny Rocket in real time in game misssions as he rockets to the outer regions and scream streams across the Space Misfits Metaverse in the search of cosmic riches and stella rewards.

As reward for all your unconditional loyality, relentless sacrifics, and tireless efforts to the strength and growth of the ANZAP Guild...

the absolute best reward you can hope for is a space-tacular showering laser, pulsar and plasma tribute as you are instantly transformed from an elite play-to-earn 7th Fleet space corps commander, to a play-to-burn misfit commander lost forever in the black void of a misfit space metaverse!

Live Long and Conquer!

Johnny Rocket,

Surpreme Commader of the ANZAP Guild.

ANZAP Guild.

7th Fleet Funeral Fireworks.

Unofficial Space Misfits R7 P2E NFT GameFi New Player Guide:


The Johnny Rocket USMR7P2ENFTNPG is for March 2022 FPS Space Misfits Release.

If you are using an older Space Misfits Release please download the latest stable release from the official Space Misfits web site at https://spacemisfits.com/download/

  • Geting Started : Mining and surviving the unknowns.

  • Weapon Usage: Gravity Bomb.
  • Weapon Usage: The Blocker.
  • Weapon Usage: Shroud / Cloak.

Space Misfits Play to Earn Links:

Space Misfits CROWN launch March 19th 2022:

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